2014 was the year of ignoring this blog

And in my 2014 wrap up, I was all – I SHOULD WRITE MORE. So, here we go.

After much more thought and we’re talking over 24 hours here, I started to think of many more things that I wish I would have done more of last year. And instead of sitting around wishing I would have done more, here’s my list of things to do more of in 2015. (I’ll tell you about the conveyor belt in my head one day when we sit down for nachos and a beer or two. Hell, if you want to meet up for nachos and a beer or two, I’ll tell you whatever damn story you want to hear if I’m being completely honest…)

  • Staying caught up on photos instead of letting them hang out on my memory card for years at a time (not an exaggeration).
  • Seeing more movies, both at home and in the theater.
  • Blogging more.
  • Being a tourist in my own city. It’s too big to not do that, you know?
  • Sending birthday cards.
  • Doin’ projects and makin’ shit. Must burn creative energy.
  • Eating more nachos with strangers and friends.

And, for all of you visual folks, here – look at this:


I don’t know if that little dude will remember his great grandparents, but even if he doesn’t, he’ll have so many pictures and videos to look back on, he’ll at least know how much they loved him. I might have to explain to him that his great grandpa didn’t really want to kill him in this photo, but I’m sure he’ll understand.

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