the things about november 4th

Besides the fact that it’s the day after this baby is about to be born, of course…

1. Civic Duty: Done. Amelia and I walked to our polling place when I got home from work and filled in our little bubbles. She was #654 and I was #655. I don’t know how many people are in our precinct, but since we’re in North Minneapolis and it’s just a mid-term election, I was pretty impressed that it was even that high. I get pretty proud of my neighborhood anytime I see people coming from different direction to get to the church. Getting out and walking to the polls is something that takes effort and I really do applaud that. It’s much easier to just skip it all, you know?

2. When I was in high school, this was always the time of year that basketball practice started. I only played high school basketball my freshman and junior years, because I felt like I had to just pick one thing to focus my talents on – basketball or band. I stuck with band and it’s gotten me really far in life. Wait. But still, I enjoyed it. And can still appreciate a really good (or really horrible) marching band halftime show.

3. It’s my friend Angie’s birthday. I have several friends named Angie, but this one here’s the one I’ve known since first grade and that’s gotta be right at 30 years. Holy shit. I don’t know how many trips to the McDonald’s drive thru we made when she had her driver’s license five whole months before me! I have many, many stories that I could share about Angie, but I think the best story of them all is the fact that I can still text her out of the blue and it’s like it hasn’t been months on end since we’ve talked. Those are the kind of friends you always need to have in your life, you know?

4. I’m pretty sure my parental leave started today. And, hey, let’s get rid of titles like maternity and paternity leave, can we? Because even the law doesn’t call it that anymore.

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