it’s 24 weeks into this baby game

If you would ask a medical professional the status of our young fetal son, they would tell you he would be viable outside of the womb. While that’s nice to know, we have no desire to meet this little man until he’s much more than viable. We’d prefer he be, you know, full-term and then some.

The internet tells me the following:

  • He has some stellar lung growth and development going on right now and he’s just about ready to get the right internal things he needs to do the whole oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange that’s pretty important in terms of survival goes.
  • His brain is about to become enormous. This is about the time where his brain is going to grow by 400-500%, which burns about about half of his energy every day.
  • When he’s around long noises, his heart rate is to the point where it increases and he starts moving around a little bit more. That explains why at the Lynx game today, he gets a little on the crazy side when they start playing the Everybody Clap Your Hands song and heavy bass in the car on the way to Montana. If he comes out really lovingĀ Nicki Minaj, I’ll take the blame on that one.
  • He’s responding to temperature changes. We noticed that this weekend when Amelia set a cold water bottle on her lab and he moved away from it as fast as his cantaloupe sized body could go.
  • Size-wise, he’s weighing anywhere between 1 1/3 and 1 1/2 pounds and measures just about a foot long. Vegetable comparison of the week: corn.
  • I can feel him kick! Amelia’s been really excited for the point that I can finally feel him and it’s pretty amazing. The first time I felt him was at the Pride parade a couple of weeks ago and then later that night at the Lynx game. Seemed like a pretty appropriate time for me to get assaulted by my tiny son.

A while back, I’d sent my friend Colleen (who should have a blog) this little guy’s name, because if someone is into baby name research, it’s that lady. The biggest advice she gave me was “just don’t tell people his name because people are crappy about it”. (Probably paraphrasing, but you get the point.) And holy shit, was she right. We’ve told some people and they’re all like, “Awwww!”, which they might just be doing because they feel obligated to do. And other people have been like, “Whaaaaaaaat?”, which is fine, too. Everyone can have their own opinion and, later, they can call my son by his name whether they like it or not. If you only knew half of the names I absolutely can’t stand, you probably wouldn’t like me. So, we’re even.

Amelia and I were talking about his name this weekend. We’re 110% sold on his first name, no doubt about it. For me, it’s kind of unreal that I’m responsible for assigning another human being an actual name. My dog (Riley) went nameless for a couple of weeks after I got him and it wasn’t until I was sitting on the toilet at my sales gig I had several years ago when his name just hit me. I felt like I probably owed my son a bit more careful selection than that.

16 weeks to go. In that 16 weeks, I’ll be getting my Associate’s Degree, starting my Bachelor’s Degree, getting Ash started in his senior year of high school and making some final decisions on college, taking a vacation to New York and a tentative trip to Missouri in October for my grandpa’s 90th birthday. We have a baby shower that’s being planned by two of our incredibly awesome friends. I’m registered for a 5K and will be probably doing another one in October. Amelia’s registered for a couple of charity walks between now and then, too. I’ll be volunteering for a couple of times at the Children’s Hospital. There’s a lot going on and I’m pretty glad for that. I’m hoping it’ll make the time fly by.

I’m more than ready to be complaining about a lack of sleeping and cleaning puke off myself, on top of all that nonsense above. I’m just happy to wait until his skin is no longer somewhat transparent.

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