all the pride in the world

It’s PRIDE weekend here in Minneapolis. And personally, there’s so much in my life that fills me with pride.

I’m so proud of my family.


I have a 17 year old that’s proud of his unique family. Two moms and a dad are normal to him. All families are normal to him. I’m so proud of him for not being ashamed of his family and being proud of who he is. He’s been in a situation before where a male friend of his liked him more than just a friendly liking. This kid didn’t run for the hills or make fun of his friend; he just explained that he didn’t like him that way and that was that. I’m proud that he’s a strong young man who sees diversity as normal.

I have a wife that’s so proud of our family and I’m so proud of her. I’m proud of all the work she does to advocate for female and LGBT rights in so many different capacities. I’m so thankful that she’s sacrificed so much to cook this future baby of ours and rarely miss a beat in everything else she does. I’m proud of her for wanting to raise our little man in a way where he can be whoever it is he wants and I’m proud of how incredible of a job she’s done in raising the 17 year old as a single mom for so long.

I’m proud of our families for accepting who we are and how we love. I’m proud of their support not only for us, but for our children.

I’m proud of my friends for never questioning who I am or the decisions I make about who I love. Even when I didn’t know what on Earth I was thinking sometimes. And I’m also proud of my friends that are opening up their minds to accept gay and lesbian families as ones equal to their own.

I’m proud of where I work and the support they want to give the LGBTQ community in the Twin Cities by participating in the Pride festival this weekend.

I’m proud of my city and my state for recognizing that same sex couples are exactly the same as any other kind of couple.

I’m proud to be part of the LGBTQ community.


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