is 21 weeks comparable to medium well?

Our little penis-wielding yahoo is just over 21 weeks done cooking. And he’s got some CRAZY stuff going on in his petite little frame!

  • He’s guessed to be around 10 1/2 inches long according to all the charts and online sources, and when we had our super awesome ultrasound last week, they confirmed that. He’s in the 60th percentile right now in his size and anything above a ZERO percentile is alright with me.
  • Depending on where you look, he’s either the size of a carrot or a cantaloupe or a pomegranate, but I don’t think I can honestly say I’ve seen either one of those ever be 10 1/2 inches long.
  • He’s still making poop. I mean, meconium, which is code for FIRST POOP. I will not share pictures of that.
  • Amelia’s been feeling him move quite a bit. He flips around and gets a little ruckus at Lynx games. I haven’t felt him yet that I can be certain of, but I’m pretty sure it’s coming. Amelia said he already wakes up when he hears my voice and starts moving around. I’ve also learned that if I blow a raspberry on her stomach, he wakes up. I’m already that asshole parent.
  • He’s starting to taste things, which is so foreign to me that I can’t quite understand it, but since he has taste buds, that makes sense.
  • We have his first name picked out already. I’m not sure that we’ll share it with anyone, because I don’t want to hear your ridiculous opinions on it. “Your” being the collective group of turds that like to be jerks about those kinds of things.
  • And since we have his first name picked out, you’re darn right I setup his first gmail account.

And here’s his first Instagrammed picture where he’s more than something that resembles a Snoopy character.

In the words of the doctor that looked over the scans: “He has an EXCELLENT spine.” Thank you. We did that on purpose.

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