back to the baby posts: it’s a boy

A couple of weeks ago, my wife had some blood drawn for a test that would check out this baby’s chromosomes and just make sure everything was what it needed to look like to be nice and healthy. And at that same time, they also had the ability to find out of the baby was a boy or a girl if we wanted. YES, WE WANTED.

Last Wednesday night, the three of us were at dinner when Amelia got an email that our test results were back. She tried logging in to her healthcare provider’s website, but because the test came from a lab outside of our healthcare system, it was some weird attachment that we couldn’t open. BOO for technology! The next morning, we called to find out the details. The person that answered the phone wasn’t a nurse or a doctor and couldn’t help, but she said she’d have someone call back. That just meant I sat at my desk and did nothing but look at my phone. Luckily, my co-workers understood.

Phone rang. I grabbed it and busted outside to the lobby. The conversation went like this:

Me: Hello.

Something, something, something.

Nurse: Everything looks great with the tests.

Me: Yep, okay.

Nurse: Do you want to know the sex?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

Nurse: Well… (pretty sure there was a 23 minute pause) it’s a boy.

And then I may have screamed and squealed. And it’s not because I wanted a boy, because I didn’t care. I just want a baby and I’m pretty sure I would have screamed and squealed if it was a girl, too. Just knowing that little blob of see through skin had something to make him a little bit more real was just amazing.

So, now it’s a baby boy and we can call him he and we can quit racking our brains for names for girls or boys and we can get him a little brother t-shirt and BABY BOY BOW TIES.

Our next appointment with our midwife is in a week and a half, where we’ll for sure get to hear his little heartbeat again. Then we have to wait until the day after Riley’s 9th birthday to have our second ultrasound! That’s June 11th for those of you who don’t have my first born son’s birthday on your calendar. And when we get that ultrasound, this little booger will be HALFWAY COOKED. It feels like forever, you know?

I keep telling Amelia that I want him to be born now because we have so much stuff to do. But then she reminds me that he doesn’t have any functioning organs and we can see through his skin. That doesn’t sound like the best plan.

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