headed to new york city, but where else should we go?

Amelia and I are joining three other friends for a little late summer vacation to New York City. It materialized over Facebook one afternoon when Jenni mentioned seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, since it was starring Neil Patrick Harris. Next thing I know, we have tickets to the show purchased and we’re now just waiting for airfare not to be insanely stupid. For the wife and I, we’re calling it a post-community college graduation party, pre-baby trip. When we planned it, I don’t think we were even pregnant yet. Oops. But she’s a trooper and says she doesn’t mind traipsing along the east coast while seven months pregnant.

We’re for sure going to New York City for a couple of days, perhaps more. Amelia’s never been to the east coast. I’ve been to Newark and Boston twice each and New York once. So, my question to you east coast dwellers and regular visitors, where else should we go? Do you have specific landmarks we must see or our lives will not be complete? I don’t think we’re talking a week on the east coast or anything, but maybe a couple of days before or after our weekend in New York City.

Some things we’ve talked about:

  • Driving up to Boston
  • Driving over to Philly
  • Hitting up Atlantic City
  • Flying one way into New York City and then just picking some other city to fly out of and road trip it there

And then of course we’ve talked about just spending the whole time in New York, which poses the question of what’ s a must do there?

  • Liberty vs. Fever game the weekend we’re there?
  • Central Park is a must visit
  • Not Yankee Stadium. I don’t want to catch douchebag while I’m there.
  • And I know all the lists of things I can look at – I just like personal recommendations!

Also, I really like opinions!