10 weeks 3 days

We’re a quarter of the way through this roller coastery adventure I can’t tell you if it’s going fast or if it’s going slow. And quite frankly, I can’t keep track of things in weeks yet. I’m not in denial, but I can’t really process the idea that come Thanksgiving, I’ll probably be wrapping up a two week vacation with my wife and our baby. And come Christmas, our eight hour drive will become an 8ish week old baby’s first road trip. It’s a good thing a child is never too young to introduce them to Kum & Go.

What has changed? idk. I really don’t know. Our trips to the mall include stops at The Children’s Palace and Carter’s, both of which I have very many opinions on. Amelia can no longer do the household heavy lifting, which is a big change for my brickhouse of a wife because she could probably dead lift a small car if it was in the way of rearranging furniture. I’ve gained more weigh than she has since he whole thing started and let me just reiterate that she’s the pregnant one.

What’s scary? A lot. Naming another human being is much more daunting than naming my Cabbage Patch Kids ever was. I guess none of it’s scary. It’s just… HUGE.

What’s up with the baby? The internets say the baby is as big as a prune or date, neither of which I’ve ever eaten. I’m hoping it’s something more exciting and delicious in week 11. The baby has bending elbows, has lost all of the webbing between the hands and feet, and is starting to hear things. I’m scared for Amelia because once I’m able to start feeling things move, she’s going to have to beat me off with a stick.

In closing, look at our baby’s heartbeat from two weeks ago. It’s that little line towards the bottom. IT’S SO CUTE.


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