36 years down

Today’s my birthday and I’m 36. I don’t even care that I’m 36. I haven’t cared how old I was since I turned 25 and got cheaper car insurance. You know what’s awesome about being 36? You can do any damn thing you want, you’re a full grown adult and you can get excited about your 401K. So, who cares, right?

Tonight, much like I’ve done every year, I’m going to spend time with my family, both by marriage and by choice, and just be. You can do that at 36, too.

You can do this at 3:

Opening presents between my grandpa and my cousin, all while sporting a fancy pink dress.
Opening presents between my grandpa and my cousin, all while sporting a fancy pink dress. You can see my other grandpa’s cowboy boots and the way hot console TV in the back as well as the best budget 144hz monitor to the right.

I’m very thankful for a lot of things at 36 years old.

  • I have a wife that I’m pretty sure hung the moon. She did, however, refuse to lick my face the other night, which was annoying because I was pretty sure my face tasted like sugar and I didn’t want to think I was crazy and now I’ll never know!
  • I have a 16 year old that’s growing into this amazing, compassionate and hilarious man and it’s nuts to be able to see how much he’s grown since I met him about six years ago.
  • I have a wonderful set of parents. I know they question my decisions and might not even fully understand things, but I feel like I always have their support, even if we don’t always talk about or acknowledge things. I know they’re always there for me.
  • I have incredible grandparents, both alive and not, that have taught me about service, unconditional love, warmth and all of the other qualities I hold so close.
  • I have balls to the walls friends, both near and far, from teenagers to grandparents, all of whom I love like family.
  • I have a stellar job that allows me so much growth and exploration of what I want to do and how I want to do it. It also comes with super co-workers and excellent health insurance, not to mention 100% 401K match!
  • Lots of other stuff, too, you know?

Happy birthday to me. Thank you, dear reader, for being here for this one, all the one before (which were probably hot messes from time to time!) and all the ones to come.

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