nervous for the future

I am indeed nervous for our future! Not because Justin Bieber has a problem with smoking pot and racing a Lamborghini that was probably in pristine condition and not because Captain & Tennille are putting an end to their Muskrat Love and getting divorced, but something that effects me a little more.

Later today, my wife and I get to go visit our reproductive endocrinologist to find out what our next steps are in the process of babymakin’. We’ve been talking about this for years and we know it’s right for us. Each time right now is just one step in the process that we haven’t experienced before. I’m less nervous than I was when I jumped off the Stratosphere, because death wasn’t an option. And I’m not nervous in a bad way like every time a cop pulls up behind me, because who likes that anyway?

It’s weird having someone else in complete control of adding to the size of our family. I mean, sure, he’s all for it and everything, but we’re at the point where we just sit and wait to see what happens. Talk about wracking some nerves, no?

We’re just fortunate that we have a gigantic group of incredibly supportive people surrounding us and that’s going to be what helps us get through all of this.

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