my third semester starts

Yesterday was my school’s unofficial first day of the spring semester. I’m taking 11 credits again and, once again, they’re all required courses including Introduction to Art, World Religions, Environmental Biology, and Information Literacy and Research Skills. I am looking forward to absolutely zero of them, but I am looking forward to this being my last semester at Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC). The teaching staff, from my experience, is pretty fantastic, but the administrative/admissions/advising crew is worth about the exact opposite. Long story for a different blog post after I’ve already been given my degree…

Since I’m taking all my classes online, that always means we have to do that obligatory introduction online in our discussion boards. It’s one of my most dreaded times of the semester, just as it would be if I was in an in-person class. I hate introducing myself. It always ends up something like this:

I’m Wendy. I’m getting my AA in Liberal Arts. I’m taking this class because it’s required and my options are extremely limited in online classes at this school, so I’m stuck with this hot mess of a class. And I’ll likely not want to associate with any of you guys after this class ends, because your lack of punctuation, capital letters, terribly misspelled words and really terrible ideas make me sad. I have to force myself through this class because this required nonsense is the bane of my existence. And no, I do not want to meet in person to study, and no, I do not enjoy group work at all. Have a nice day.

I might be a little softer in the way I present it, but not much. Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m in school for the right reasons and my approach at getting it done as fast as I possibly can might not be the best idea in the world, but I like efficiency and I like being an overachiever. Too bad I can’t get a degree in those. I bet the electives are better.

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