two semesters down and two to go

I got to register for classes for the Spring 2014 semester today. My courses included all things required to get my Associate’s Degree in Liberal Arts and also complete the necessary Minnesota Transfer Curriculum in order to transfer somewhere else and continue this quest for a degree I should have gotten 15 years ago. It’s happening!

After I registered today, I logged on to see where I was as far as all these blasted requirements and saw this awesome pie chart:



Do you see how little that pink piece of pie is? After the spring semester, I have eight (EIGHT!) credits left to go before my first little degree is all mine.

Completing those eight credits is going to be tricky, because one of them has to be a science that has a lab or is considered “lab-like”, but it can’t be a Biology class because that’s the one I’m taking now and apparently my school wants us to know ALL of the science. (Run-on sentence for effect.) It also means I’m going to have to go full-time in the summer, which is super annoying. It all has to do with making sure I’m eligible for financial aid and all that jazz.

The school I’m going to has been less than helpful at absolutely everything I’ve contacted them about. I have an advisor who responds to my emails with things like “I don’t know” and “The only thing I can tell you…” and not really advising me to do anything but sit and wait for the courses I need to become available online. The degree I’m pursuing is officially called “Liberal Arts On-line – AA” and yet the courses I need to get this degree aren’t available online. You can imagine how unbelievably irate that makes me.

Institutional complexity is one of the top three reasons nontraditional students drop out of college. You’d think organizations would try to lessen that as much as they could to help us old folks get our degrees! Since that isn’t the case, I’m very glad to be a stubborn a-hole because there’s nothing stopping me from getting a degree, even incompetent student advisors and crappy coursework options.

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