a fast six months

I’m spending some time tonight filling out my six month review for the gig I started this past April. Let’s look at a little comparison.

Last job: There for five years. Received two reviews. I had to fill out the entire review myself and it was three pages long. Then, my supervisor looked over it, let me know if he/she agreed, and that was that. There was no ranking or rating or scale or anything of anything measurable, so anything you were doing? Completely subjective based on the mood your boss happened to be in that day. So, you know, not helpful in any way whatsoever.

Current job: My six month anniversary is October 29, yet my leader has already completed her portion of it first and given it to me to respond to. It has individual focus areas, including ones that talk about building relationships with co-workers and developing yourself. And if you’ve heard me talk about my last job at all, those were things that weren’t really encouraged. At all. My leader did all the work first, which indicates that she gives a darn. (Also a new concept for me…)

It’s been a very interesting six months in a good way. I’m challenged daily, work with some incredibly passionate and terrific people, and truly love everything I’m learning. I’m still recruiting, but adding in all of the other things that HR departments do AND learning a whole different industry that I never knew anything at all about. I can go home at the end of the day (on time even) and while I do think about work sometimes, I don’t obsessively check my email and respond to messages at 1:00 in the morning because I feel like I’m expected to. It’s crazy, y’all. In a good way.

We have a social media policy and I don’t really remember what it is right now, but I’m pretty sure I’m not violating it by saying that it’s really nice to be part of a company that wants to give back not only to the people that do business with us, but the community itself. It’s somewhere I can see myself staying for a long, long time.

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