does anyone even post here anymore?

Guys, there used to be a time where I would update this ol’ blog about fourteen times a day. None of it was important, but I was serious about it. I always wonder where that went. How else am I supposed to remember what I shopped at Target for in March 2007? I’m guessing it was a toothbrush and some dog food and I’m guessing I ended up filling up one of those devilish red carts and blew a three digit wad of cash by the time I left there.


I started this new job just shy of three months ago and it’s still really fantastic. I do miss my old co-workers, some of my old clients and a few of the people I used to work with in their job search. But that’s about it.

Here, it’s amazing. During my interview process, they kept talking about culture and how they didn’t care about backgrounds. They just wanted the right culture fit. And the culture here is hands down unbelievable. Like I didn’t believe it until I started. Then I realized it’s true and that’s what makes this place fantastic. Have I drank the Kool Aid? Absolutely. This Kool Aid doesn’t leave a weird taste in your mouth like the stuff at my last job.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve been to a job fair (that was my first day). Had two different training session on things. Went to two fancy business (aka SALES) lunches. Hired a handful of people. Sat in on half a dozen webinars to help me learn more about recruiting. Went to a social media recruiting luncheon. Been involved in any contract signing decisions that involve recruiting. Met with ad agencies. Become compliant in a bunch of stuff I know nothing about. Sat down with my Director every other week. Been held accountable for things. Suggested and implemented process improvement ideas. TAKEN LUNCH BREAKS. WENT HOME ON TIME.

Sorry. Those last two are exciting for me.

It feels good to be in my new job. It feels good to be listened to and be taken seriously, to not have smoke blown in awkward places and to not spend 11 hours a day in a place where you’re never appreciated or even acknowledged. I learned a lot in my last job, but I’ve learned more here in three months than I did in five years there.

What's up?