june update for 101 things

I’m pretty impressed with myself over the past 2.5 months when it comes to this list. That makes a total of 10/101 things done, which is a whopping 9.9% of the list and $100 in my special 101 list savings account.

Here’s my brag list:

Improve my credit score into the next step on the rating scale.
It’s still not great by any means at all, but it IS moving up. I can tell you that I’ve raised it 53 points since October of last year. I’m not mad about that at all.

Get our family picture taken by a professional.
That happened this past weekend. This was kind of a gimme, because we were planning on it happening at our wedding anyway. Now we get it twice! Although, I do want to somehow arrange for a family picture to happen with at least the dogs. The cat is questionable.

Go canoeing or kayaking.
Jenni and Matt let us borrow their kayaks when we were camping over Memorial Day. We loved it enough to add kayaks to our wedding registry (in the form of cash that we’ll throw towards it, since we haven’t done any hardcore shopping for them yet).

Get food from three new food trucks.
When I started this list, I had no idea two of these food trucks would wind up in my work’s sidewalk. Gastrotruck and Cora’s Best Chicken Wings made that happen. Both incredibly awesome. And last night at the Saints game, I had a little samplin’ of A Cupcake Social. Marginal at best, guys.

Officially start school.
I’m three weeks in to my first semester back in my 30s and have a 4.0 GPA so far. My first lesson that I’ve learned is that people are morons, no matter if my class is online or in person. My second lesson is that I really should do the required reading, especially if an exam is involved. I like it and I’m already planning on a heavier course load in the fall.

Go to the Mob Museum in Las Vegas.
Did it. Loved it. It was a lot of reading and was done really well, but I could have easily spent all day there. I also want to watch all the mob movies in the world. And maybe be a mobster.

Rearrange our bedroom.
It was nothing fancy, but it happened.




  1. Impressive! We went to the Mob Museum for a Yelp Event when we lived in Vegas. It was after hours, and we did this kind of scavenger hunt thing, so we didn’t get as much time as we’d have liked to troll around, but we did have a lot of fun. Very interesting! Glad you got to see it.

    Next time you go to Vegas, we should really drive up and see y’all. Unless, of course, you happen to make it to San Diego, WHICH YOU REALLY SHOULD. :)

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