our mini family photo shoot

On the day Governor Dayton signed off on letting the gays get legally hitched, the extremely talented ladies behind am photography decided to hold a contest for… something. I don’t remember what it was. I just know Amelia entered us. Instead of picking an overall winner, they ended up offering free mini-sessions to everyone that entered. Yes, please!

We already had some fantastic engagement pictures back in October, which we love, but  we weren’t going to turn down a free photo shoot, especially once we found out we could bring The Kid along.

After a night at the Mall of America, which also included a trip to Cupcake, we were wardrobed and ready to go. This is the sneak preview of the results. Needless to say, we’re beyond thrilled.



And these are just the previews. am photography totally got who we are/were within two minutes and made the whole shoot so much fun. From now on, anytime I’m getting my picture taken, I need Salt-n-Pepa radio playing in the background.

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