gay wedding shower time

We had our wedding shower this weekend, yesterday to be specific. Jenni (my Best First Mate of Honor) and Sarah (Amelia’s Most Awesome Bridal Sidekick) put together a super chill and yet so super awesome get together at what’s turned out to be our go-to for any type of showering that needs to be done for any event.

And it was perfect.

Despite the past three days being full of thunder and lightning and crazy straight line winds, the weather held it together for a few hours and we had a fantastic time. The food was so awesome. The moscato was flowing (into plastic cups, since we weren’t allowed to drink out of glass bottles). The decorations were so adorably cute. The sand art was a big hit with everyone. And the cake was f’ing incredible.

Best. Cake. Ever.
Thanks to Jenni and Sarah for putting together an awesome afternoon. Thanks to Matt for manning the meat and the music. Thanks to Meg for sweeping in to help at the last minute. And thanks to Cindi, Adam, Sophia, Bill, Katie, Dan, Kate, Eddy, Jumi, Josh, Bishop, Kristin, Joe, Missy, Ani, Shawn, Kari and Chuck for coming out and celebrating with us.

You guys all win.

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