the biggest thing i’ve noticed this past week

I promise I won’t post about my new job forever. I can, however, post about it according to our company policy of employee weblogs as long as I don’t include any type of personal or confidential information. At least I think that’s what’s the policy said – I’ve done so much reading at work over the past week and I have no way to upload the details into Goodreads. I’m pretty upset about it.

Every single day of this past week, when I was home well before 6pm, I didn’t know what to do with my evening. There was no checking my work email or recruiting from home or having to call someone at home and fire them. It was just coming home and… that’s it. I didn’t know what to do with myself and, as lame as it sounds, it took some hardcore adjusting!

That’s when I noticed the last month at my previous job must have really sucked. I’d bought tickets to a soccer game tonight and never even got to the point of putting the game on my calendar, completely forgetting about it until 6:45pm. I’ve managed to flake out of a parents’ group at The Kid’s school because I keep forgetting about it when it’s scheduled. I haven’t followed up with his teachers in over a month. I hadn’t even attempted to find some type of pants to wear to our wedding until today. I’ve let absolutely everything go to the wayside.

So, man – no more working 55 hours a week in the office and an additional three or four in the evenings and who knows what on weekends. There can’t be a time where I throw more of myself into my work than I do with my home. That just ain’t right.

Right now, I’m at home with my fiance, watching Honey on TV, where we have a house guest wearing elephant and polar bear jammies, and I haven’t done anything work related since 5:15pm on Friday. I think this is what’s really called work/life balance; not that bullshit they tried to preach at my last job.


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