new job’s off to a grand start

I started my new job on Monday and so far, it’s been fantastic. I know, I know – it’s only been two days, but here are the highlights:

  1. I log in to my computer using my FINGERPRINT. Whoa, technology.
  2. I’ve gotten my own branded portfolio and what appears to be branded lapel pin.
  3. They have three refrigerators that they actually clean out weekly, so I don’t have to look at bottles of water that have been there over a year (SWEAR it happened at my old job).
  4. Window view. Bam.
  5. I took an actual lunch today not at my desk and not checking my work email on my phone.
  6. Every single person I’ve met has been so friendly and accommodating.
  7. Even if you include the 30+ minute commute each way, I’m still spending less time at work than I was before.
  8. The people there work there butts off for 40 hours and then they go home.
  9. Here’s their training method so far: go learn everything else in the company and then we’ll teach you how to do your job. I love it.
  10. For two Mondays in May, the Gastrotruck is going to be in the parking lot.

I know it’s only been two days and I know that my self-diagnosis of a workaholic will catch up with everything eventually, but the fact that the culture is the way it is, I’m pretty darn comfortable it’s not going to turn into a regular 50-60 hour work week. And that’s good because I have softball games on Sundays and Mondays and I’m going back to school in June. More on all that later, of course.If you need more info please go here :


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