the trouble with little dogs is this


Our 7 pound little dog is so much more difficult than Riley is or ever was. Don’t get me wrong. I love her to pieces and I get every jealous when she doesn’t want to sleep right next to me. She’s the perfect addition to our family and I don’t at all mind that I have to carry her up the bedroom stairs every night. In fact, I love that Amelia always has me do it.

Bratty dog trying to steal my post-kickboxing popsicle.

I feel like we’ve done absolutely everything wrong with this one, because she’s scared of everyone in the world, except for the three of us and our friend Shawn. She has to wear a muzzle at the vet, since she bit me once when getting her temperature taken. She also peed all over a vet tech there once. They call her a LAND SHARK.

When she was a baby, she’d let anyone hold her at all. Strangers on the street, random people at parties, anything. And then something happened and it’s like you’re wrestling an alligator if you try to have her meet someone else.

She used to hate car rides and would shake like a leaf anytime we got into the car. Then, we drove to Missouri and back, with Riley in the back seat with her, so she knows the rules of napping the entire time and back now.  Accomplishment!

I need to start taking her to the dumb labradoodle puppies play group they have for dogs that are so tiny they might be breakable. Those dog owners tend to drive me up the wall and back down again, head first. She needs more exercise, but when we take her outside in a foot of snow and -30 degree wind chills, she just stands there (on only 3 legs at a time) and shivers.

And I’ve GOT to get her in obedience. I chose kick-boxing for me over puppy school for her. Good news is that I can kick someone’s ass; bad news is that when I tell her to “come” she rolls over on her back and sometimes dribbles pee on the floor.

I know she’ll be just nearly as awesome as Riley. (Face it – no dog can ever be AS awesome.) She’s just going to require a little more work than he did.

Thank you guys for keeping in touch and in return of all your positive comments i will share with you this list with Foods your dog can and can’t eat.

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