the game of things and judith light

Many moons ago, my brother and his girlfriend gave me The Game of Things for Christmas. I’d never heard of it before and it took until this past weekend before I actually played it. The amount of dust on the top of it made it obvious.

Saturday night was  game night, cleverly disguised as a birthday party for Judith Light*.


We had people ranging in age from 10 to… well, adulthood. That can definitely be a challenge, especially when people like me are playing, when we want to keep things somewhat appropriate for other peoples children. Ours lives with us. He knows I’m wildly inappropriate.

In The Game of Things, you get a prompt. For example, one we got was “something you shouldn’t do in the shower”. Then, everyone writes down their answer anonymously on a piece of paper and turns it into the person that read the question. There were nine (or maybe 10) people playing at our house. Three people said poop and three people said make toast. Small engine repair and black tire heroin were also given answers.

Cards Against Humanity is still my favorite game to play, especially while having a few beers. But if there are children present, The Game of Things works just fine for a substitute.

*February 9th is Judith Light’s birthday. Put it on your calendar for next year.

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