195 days and counting

In a short 195 days from now, Amelia and I will be getting hitched, surrounded by our given and chosen families and friends. I’m still trying to decide if 195 days is a long or short amount of time. I’m guessing short.

Things that are done: Amelia’s dress, shoes, ring, wedding jewelry and hair thingy are all present and accounted for. My tie has been purchased. Table clothes and center pieces are mostly done. Lights have been purchases. Save the Dates are ready to go out and invitations are even done. (BTW, whittling down an invitation list was probably one of the hardest thing about the wedding.) Wedding favor supplies have been purchased. Photographer is booked and paid for. DJ and bartender have deposits down. Wine is fermenting for the big day.

Things that are not done: I need to return my shirt for a different size. And I still need to find pants and a non-sweater vest. I have shoes pretty much picked out. And we need Ash’s whole wardrobe. I need to finish some design work. Planning the bar. Figuring out the music selection. Queuing up the wedding playlist. AND FIGURING OUT THE REST OF MY STINKING WEDDING PARTY.

I like the planning. It’s fun. It makes me want to punch people that get all crabby about it.

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