zombie apocalypse preparedness

Two of the three things that are consuming most of my free time are my kickboxing class and watching the first two seasons of The Walking Dead.

My co-worker convinced me to watch one episode of The Walking Dead. I did. And then I texted her that I couldn’t believe she talked me into watching a show where zombies eat a horse. (SPOILER ALERT.) After that text, I watched two more episodes. I talked Amelia into watching it with me and now we’re midway through the 2nd season, trying to find a way to obtain the 3rd season and prepare for the 4th season that’s coming up in the next couple of weeks. We did the same thing with Sons of Anarchy, which has become one of our favorite shows.

The kickboxing class happened when I invited myself to take a class with Katie and Jenni. I’m so glad I did. This is us having a great time in class:

Not really.

We’ve only had two classes and I’ve gotten my ass handed to me both nights. I know my form is wrong about 75% of the time but I don’t even care. It feels SO good after class is done each night. It’s a five or six week class, with sessions on Monday and Wednesdays. We have to jump rope, do squats, and all these other weird things that make me roll my eyes. But here’s the thing – I love having all this stuff thrown at me.

It’s not like high school basketball where the thought of running lines sent my mind in to trying to think of any excuse possible to not have to run. We’ll just say here were many fake ankle sprains happening in my freshman and junior years.

My MMA-approved hand wraps shipped today, so I’ll have them for next week’s classes. From there, I guess the next step is cage fighting. It seems like a natural progression. And from there? Defender of all during the zombie apocalypse.

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