mama got a brand new phone

I gotta tell you the best gift I gave during the holidays, aside for the fart putty I get my grandpa every year, was the cell phone my ladyfriendfiance and I decided to get my mom. I tried to do the same thing last year, but my dad and brother put the kibosh on it. This year, we didn’t even tell them. My brother found out when we texted him from her phone when we got it and Dad found out right around the same time my mom did. SURPRISE.

For years, I’ve relied on email and then instant messenger and then Facebook to keep in touch with my mom, because the phone’s kind of difficult sometimes. In the past two or three weeks, I’ve texted my mom while she’s been out walking. I could text her when I got home from my road trip back from Missouri. I texted her a picture of something I saw at the store. She let me know when she and my dad landed in Florida and that Daytona Beach was particularly busy compared to the past few years they’ve been. And somehow, she figured out how to take and send a picture to me.

I never thought I’d say it, but I really wish we’d have hooked Mama B up with a cell phone much, much earlier on. I like random text messages from her.

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