new career goal: bingo caller

A couple of months ago, one of my favorite co-workers organized a bingo night for our department. Four of us (and one spouse) showed up for the outing and has an absolute riot of a time. It was the first time I’d ever been to a legitimate bingo hall. I honestly cannot wait to go back at some point in time.  But let me be the first to tell you, people that go to serious bingo halls are serious bingo players.

They had absolutely zero patience for the five of us that had grabbed a couple of drinks just before walking over to the bingo hall. We’d all had a pretty rotten day at work and had to make efficient work of our drinks at the bowling alley since the bingo place only had soda. And nachos. We couldn’t stop laughing and I’m positive we were not at all quiet about it. That kind of explained why we were shushed from across the room by someone that likely had 18 of their own bingo dobbers and some lucky trolls watching over their 9 bingo cards.

I figured I’d be safe from getting shushed by hanging out around, but the downfall to that is no dobber juice splashing out all over the place. I’m sure that’s not what it’s called, but it’s much more entertaining. Also a con: no nachos, no awesome people watching and no random chuckles across the room when the bingo caller yells out O-69.

(True story: I used to go to a charity bingo event where everyone got up and danced in circles when the announcer – generally a drag queen – would call O-69. I really need to go back there.)

The only other time I’ve ever played bingo somewhere besides Facebook was at Mystic Lake Casino with some friends several years ago. I got way too excited and ended up calling out BINGO one ball too soon. It was slightly frowned upon. But I was the one smiling when I walked out of there $25 richer! Then I got the brilliant idea to post the newsletter I get from the bingo place on social media… yeah, something like, The Guide to the bingo promotion for new customers, anyway that was really frowned upon… I guess I should just keep it my little guilty pleasure.

The only bingo I have planned in the near future, however, is a little roadkill bingo action on the way back to Missouri this coming weekend.

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