the snow hasn’t stopped and i didn’t envision that

I’ve been known to have what I call “visions”. They usually occur when I’ve lost something and I’m digging all through the house trying to find a particular hat or something else that I need. I’ll all of a sudden see the exact location where it is – in the black box on the second shelf of the black shelving thingy in the living room. It’s exact, you know? And it’s not some – oh, it’s in the living room. We’re talking honest to goodness visions. A bit clairvoyant perhaps, so I always have to say “listen, don’t laugh, okay?” and then I explain my “vision”.

And so recently, for some reason I cannot actually explain (mainly because I don’t remember), I brought this up to my therapist. She says, “What do you mean, visions?” and I go through the process of how they come. I figure if I’m paying a co-pay to talk about myself for an hour, it doesn’t always have to be about important things. I should have some choice on this, too, which is why I like to say to bring up things like my “visions”.

Turns out, all you doubter and naysayers, IT’S PRETTY TYPICAL FOR PEOPLE WITH ADHD. I don’t know. Sometimes I just get the answer I want from her and stop asking. And that’s not entirely truth either, because she’s really f’ing good at her job and could probably have me talking about where all the bodies are buried within about 12 minutes if she really wanted me to.

Right now, I wish I had a sudden vision about the best single stage snow blower machine suddenly appearing in our garage, because the idea that my alarm is set for 5:30am tomorrow morning just to make sure I can get the car out of the driveway is not at all appealing.

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