an ongoing hatred of one word

I had to do this really not awesome thing today and give a deposition about a car accident I had. In 2006. I realized today that said accident was totally the reason I didn’t become the first woman to enter the WNBA without a college degree. Wish I would have brought that up in said deposition.

Anyway – the DUI lawyer in Las Vegas was asking me all these questions about what hurt and what ind of medical treatment I received and what about this and what about that. And you know what? I didn’t remember nearly as much as I thought I did and it was driving me insane, because my memory is super solid… usually about things that don’t particularly matter, of course.

And then, lawyerguy is all – do you have any written documentation that you might have recounted to someone else? And I surmised that I was sure I’d written it down somewhere, either to tell my grandparents or something. And then he started saying things like: “journal, diary, blog, yadda, yadda, yadda”. And then I realized ol’ boy had TO”TALLY had some intern (who’s probably now very angry at me) read all of my blog archives from 2006 on. Sorry about THAT.

Now, unless he considers rambling on about nothing and obsessing over some really weird things, there was nothing that would throw up any red flags. It was the first my blog had been brought up in anything serious. And it reminded me of one major thing – I still hate the word blog.

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