every once in a while i remember i have a blog

There are days when I’ll be halfway through doing something – some home project, raking leaves, driving to work, taking a shower, watching Sons of Anarchy (season finale! gah!), noticing the cat sleeping on top of the puppy – and I still think – OH MY GOD, I SHOULD BLOG THAT. And then I don’t, because, you know, boring and rambly and yadda, yadda, yadda. And then I realize it’s been weeks since I’ve updated anything at all. Lame.

Life is good and boring. I didn’t win Powerball, so I canceled my yacht trip around the world. I got a new haircut. Joe and Missy got married. We stayed here for Thanksgiving and had dinner with Ani, Shawn, Becky, Chris and Jake. Our 15 year old is almost in my shoe size, which leads me to think I shouldn’t lose any weight, so I can still be bigger than him in some aspect. And we’ve raked a hell of a lot of leaves.

Wedding stuff: Engagement pictures done. Amelia’s dress is sitting in a box on a chair in the living room. We’ve decided on favors. I almost have our music list done for the DJ. I still need to figure out one more person to have stand up with in our wedding AND MAN THAT IS HARD. I need a #2 probably sometime soon. Apparently there’s urgency when it comes to asking people to be in your wedding. Or so I’ve heard.

In sad news, my new laptop’s  q key stopped working. How did I do that one, you might ask? By searching for words like “uality” and watching Google ask me if I was really searching for “quality” and then copying and pasting from there. It’s still under warranty, so I’ll get it taken care of… sometime before the warranty runs out!

What's up?