counting the number of things wrong with this ebay auction

Please take note of this very awesome George Brett baseball card.

  1. The George Brett card is a girl in a cat costume; someone dressed their child in that cat costume.
  2. This card is worth $80, according to the Beckett guide. I’m guessing that catgirl is much less.
  3. I showed Matt and he shared a link about George Brett pooping his pants that is also worth sharing.
  4. And Travis’s comments were as follows: “Obviously an idiot for two reasons. The cat and selling a George Brett card!”
  5. If I can buy this kid for 99 cents and $1.95 for standard shipping, we wouldn’t have to worry about this whole baby making thing. But I don’t know if the $1.95 would include breathing holes.
  6. Condition: Very Good. I only want my kids in a cat costume if it’s NIB, baby.

I’ve already sent this off to the two dudes I knew would appreciate this the most but it’s too good not to share.

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