i’m emotionally eating today

I haven’t voted yet, because I had to be at work at the same time the polls opened here. I’m itching to get off work at exactly 4pm. Usually I stay much, much later than that, but you know what’s more important to me than putting in a few extra hours? Exercising my right as an American citizen by voting.

No joke, I’ve had a candy bar, some Chex mix, and a bottle of Mountain Dew today. My ADHD needs a third or fourth distraction and Twitter just isn’t cutting it today.

Eight years ago, I couldn’t bear to watch the results of the election, so I went to the casino all night until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I wasn’t the only one that did that either.

Four years ago, my fiance and I stayed up watching all of the results come in after the polls closed. I was wearing my Obama t-shirt and we colored in maps. It was a very exciting night.

Tonight, I’m honestly scared. I’m voting. Then, I’m planning on going to the gym for a while to get out some nervousness on the treadmill or the weight machines. I’ll come back home and hopefully be too tired to get all worked up. Because, man, this election hold a lot of weight for me personally and for my family. It has the potential to effect me not only immediately but in the future.

Why people are voting on some of those things, I have no idea. I just hope they’ll realize the impact they’re making on the lives of people that are just as good as they are, despite who it is we love.

I’m proudly voting no on Amendment 1 (a measure would define marriage in the as between one man and one woman in the state) and Amendment 2 (a measure that would require that all voters in the state show photo identification before voting) here in Minnesota.

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