the dangers of having gay parents? really?

What about the kids?” is the big focus everyone’s looking at when it comes to whether or not the proposed marriage amendment will pass or fail in two months. That’s so incredibly hard for me to understand, because I live it ever day.

On an average day, this is what our 15 year old boy has to deal with since he lives 50% of the time with his mom (a little gay) and I (very gay):

  1. He has to be reminded six or seven times to get out of bed, despite setting his cell phone alarm and leaving it underneath his pillow because he knows he’s hard to wake up.
  2. He only has one kind of Eggo waffle to choose from for breakfast.
  3. The three new pair of jeans we bought him this past weekend are too long and we had to poke more holes in his new luchador belt so it could go around his tiny waist.
  4. He’s required to at least comb down his bedhead before leaving our house.
  5. Homework has to be done before texting or movies or TV.
  6. We don’t let him take unnecessary things to school that will interrupt his work day.
  7. Our house rules all revolve around kindness and respect.
  8. We don’t pay him an allowance; he has to earn it.
  9. We watch HGTV shows as a family and share our opinions on how ridiculous people are.
  10. Last night, he offered to make dinner and also served it to us, with beverages and dessert.

There you go – ten things that happened yesterday to our heterosexual son while he was in the care of his gay mom and stepmom.

If anyone in the world wants to see what it’s really like in a gay household that has a child, I’m inviting you over for dinner. It means we’ll have to pull the table away from the wall, so you can fit at our table but I’m more than happy to do that if it’s going to convince you that children raised by gay parents are going to be able to give their children just as much love as straight parents, and those kids are going to turn out just fine.