mini golf review: lilli putt mini golf

I’m missing two reviews – one in Bloomington and one in Edina – but I’ll get to those. Tuesday, we had our fourth week of mini-golf league at Lilli Putt Family Entertainment Center. We were actually pre-golfing, because the three of us weren’t available to go on our normal night, which is tonight. I’ve always gotten coupons and seen Groupons regarding golf carts for sale in BC, as well as for Lilli Putt, but never made it out there because they are too far away.

Their website was put together by me when I was drunk in 1999… or at least it looks like it. I found out how much it costs and where it’s located and that’s all I really need from a mini golf joint’s website. I was hoping for some animated .gifs telling me it was under construction, but to no avail. They also have coupons online… that expired August 8, 2012.

So, we got there around  7pm on a Tuesday and actually had to wait in line for a bit before we got to take the course. It was a nice night, so no big deal. And we got to talk about this while we waited:

I asked the course attendant (?) what was going on and she said they needed to clean out the pond. The clumps of moss would have given it a way had I just looked a little closer. There were a ton of water hazards throughout the whole course, which obviously makes it a bit more difficult, but it was also pretty fun! It was the first time all season I’d hit my ball into water (multiple times) and I wanted to be mad, but I couldn’t really. How could you when you saw things like this?

It’s a castle! With some very impressive mason work! And a man peeking out of it from the other side! It was a challenging course for sure. Lots of obstacles, water hazards, moss hazards, rock traps, and even garden hoses. It looked as if several people got a little testy on some holes. There were divots everywhere, which took some effort because this was some high quality indoor/outdoor carpet with cement underneath.

These were my favorite holes (and that’s not as awkward as it sounds):

The larger of the two ponds had overflowed. It made for an extra special little water hazard!

A spiral. For a mini golf hole. We’re pretty sure whoever built this course was mad at the world on some of these holes. This roundabout bad boy wasn’t quite as hard as we thought it’d, but we did get dizzy going around it.

One more picture:

No, that’s not a snake, like I’d originally thought it was. It’s just a loose electrical cord. Completely safe.

Towards about hole 12, Jenni had to go to the bathroom and we started smelling cleaning product – Lysol, Fabulouso, something to cover up the smell of dead bodies, we couldn’t really tell, but my nose hairs were in the process of becoming singed.

1349 Coon Rapids Boulevard Northwest
Coon Rapids, MN 55433
However, check to see if they have changed their address.

(763) 755-1450

Daily 10am – 11pm

$7.00 for 18 holes for an adult. ATM on site!

Also onsite: a small arcade, bumper boats and a go-kart track. Also lots of teenagers from the surrounding northern suburbs. Mosquitoes all around anytime you played near the Larvae Ponds.

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