customer non-service at its finest!

I’ve had two instances over the past week of absolutely horrible customer service experience from two local companies. Mind you they’re large local companies, so my boycott may not have much effect, but it’s fully in place.

The first of those two experiences:

I went into a large electronics retail store two weekends ago to see about a new cell phone. Sure enough, I could get the one I wanted to get for free! Well, why not, right? The sales girl sets all up, but it’s showing it’s going to cost $299. (UH, PASS.) She apologizes profusely and between she and a guy at the customer service desk, they get it down to zero again and even upgrade my shipping to priority for the situation. Not necessary, but very much appreciated.

I get the phone two days later. I’m ecstatic to activate it, since I had been completely phone-less for three days at this point due to a phone nobody could figure out how to fix. I put in the SIM card that came inside the sealed box with my phone and called the required number to activate my phone. Sounds easy enough, right? Not the case, my friends.

I waited on hold for 27 minutes while the customer service rep tried working with T-Mobile to figure out what was going on. Turns out the SIM card I was sent (inside the sealed box) was already in use somewhere. Me = annoyed. It was going to take 48 hours in order for them to “release” it. This is where I start to feel rage.

The Best Buy… I mean, large electronics retailer customer service rep gets back on the phone and says there’s nothing she can do from her end, but suggest I go to a Best Buy store or a T-Mobile retail location to get a new SIM card. It’s 8:48pm at this point, so my ladyfriendfiance and I jump in the car and fly to the closest location of this large electronics retailer. We get there and they don’t carry SIM cards for my mobile provider in any of their retail stores. And haven’t since October 2011. Huh.

I call the customer service department back and talk to some guy. He’s pleasant enough. I explain the situation to him and how frustrating it is, since I ordered the phone because I needed and now had to wait to use it. (I was maybe a little impatient about the whole phone thing, but my main thing was that the person before had told me incorrect information and was kind of snotty/rude/uninformed about anything.)

The guy asks me if I’m looking for compensation. I say, “No. Not really. I’m just trying to tell you that there should be some more training in your department so I don’t have to go on a wild goose chase around the metro area for something that doesn’t exist.” He “understands my frustration” and puts me on hold to talk to the first rep. Comes back to the phone to tell me that she says she didn’t tell me to go to the retail store. And that infuriates me to no end.

I rant a bit, never swearing or raising my voice because when you do that, they get to hang up on you. He puts me on hold because he wants to check with his manager about compensation for me. He comes back and tells me there’s no compensation available. Okay. I don’t care. And I tell him that.

He blames my mobile provider and tells me it happens regularly. No, that was not the right thing to say, pal. I express my concern that they keep doing business with a company that sends out products that consumers can’t immediately use. He places more blame on the mobile provider about three more times. I don’t care at this point, because I just want to use my effin’ phone and it’s way too close to my bedtime to be dealing with this.

It was just crappy service and I can’t deal with that. The next day, I pop in another SIM card that I had at work and everything worked just fine without having to even call anyone. My phone’s been awesome since then.

Note: I’ve worked in this same call center before. The exact one. So, I know how it works. I wasn’t asking for anything at all except a positive customer service experience, which I feel everyone should get with any retailer, restaurant, etc.

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