to celebrate the 2nd day of the missouri state fair

My ladyfriendfiance and I had tentative plans to visit Sedalia for the Missouri State Fair, but the dates kind of snuck up on us. She loves the Minnesota State Fair a lot and we both thought it would be kind of fun to compare the two. And it got me thinking today what I miss about the Missouri State Fair, since I haven’t been for over 10 years.

For the first 23 years of my life, the only thing separating my parents’ house and the state fairgrounds was a railroad track, later changed to a walking path. That meant we got a lot of action during those 10 days. I even made this diagram to show how close (please don’t stalk my parents; they have an attack dog in the backyard):

And here are some of the things, and I don’t think they’re in line with every state fair, that I miss the most, other than the people stumbling back to their car they parked in front of our house, so they wouldn’t have to pay to park.

  • Working in a small metal concession stand for 11 days in the hottest time of the year, earning maybe $7/hour and being told that should anyone ask, I need to say I’m either 13 or 16 or some other age that’s old enough to work in a concession stand. Pretty sure I started when I was 10 and I can make a mean fried cheese on a stick.
  • It’s where I met my first gays. For real. I’m pretty sure these gays are responsible for my insanely dedicated work ethic. I miss them! RIP Chip!
  • Trading nachos and lemonade to the people that ran the Icee stand or the Dairy Queen stand, so we could have something exciting for lunch. Yes, I had Blizzards for lunch 11 days out of the summer. What? It’s dairy.
  • Having people run up to the concession stand where I worked telling me they needed an orange or a lime, because their drunk diabetic friend needed it. I don’t know either. I just charged them $5 and gave them one.
  • Hearing all of the music from the Grandstand (link shows their rad schedule for this year!) from my backyard, including New Kids on the Block and Tim McGraw.
  • The month long remaining stench of cow/horse/sheep/llama/chicken poop that lingered WAY longer than it should have. And when the wind blew in the right direction, it came right into my bedroom window.
  • Being scared out of my mind that a carnie was going to break into my bedroom window and kill me. C’mon. I was young. Like 20 or so.

Nope… Never mind. I don’t really miss that much of it at all. I’m not sure why I was convinced visiting Sedalia during that time would have been a good idea.

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