self-censorship at its finest

I have never ever ever been the type of person that would censor myself when it comes to what I write about here. I’m still of the old school blog format where sometimes I might just want to write about what I had for breakfast, except I need more than 140 characters (canceling out Twitter) and I want to be able to go back and find it easier later (that puts the kibosh on Facebook and really I’m more wordier than that anyway).

As I’ve gotten older and refrained from going straight from work, home long enough only to let the dog out, and then back out to the bar until I was sufficiently happy hour’ed out, I’ve gotten more focused on a career. It may help that I now have a career that I <3 like a fat kid loves cake, so I try pretty hard not to expose anything here that I wouldn’t want my employer or future employers to read, gasp and either fire me or use my resume as a litter box.

For me, it’s been less about needing to subscribe to some type of reputation management service and more about being a grown up and not writing in my “online diary” about the times I did that you know what when we were you know where and I can’t believe nothing happened with the cops drove by that many times while the you know what was on my you know what.

TL;DR — I had an incredibly crappy customer service experience this past week and I’m dying to blog about it, using BOTH companies’ names and just railing n them, but I can’t right now. I’m just looking out for my future, you know?

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