an update on our junebug

June’s been with us for just about two months and I had no idea a tiny puppy would be more work that a large puppy. LESSON LEARNED. But in a good loving way, of course.

We were at the vet this past Saturday so both dogs could get some boosters for their recent vaccines. Trips to the vet mean temperatures have to be taken. In the butt. Riley’s used to it. He doesn’t like it, but he takes it without any trouble at all. June is another f’ing story. Last time we were there, the vet held her while the vet tech took the temperature and you would have thought someone was swinging her around by her tail with as much screaming and crying she was doing. I thought I had a solution this time.

Just like I always do with Riley, I held her face in my hands and told her she was a good girl and yadda yadda googooo gaga and before I knew it, that little piranha had bit my finger. I have a tooth mark just underneath my right index finger and one about an inch below that. She was not a happy camper. We’ve made up since then, but from now on, she can just scream like a little baby when she gets her temp taken. I value my fingers too much!

Other than drawing blood from my finger, she’s also learned how to sit very well and she almost has “look at me” down pat. “Come” is hit or miss, but gravitating more towards working most of the time. Most importantly, we’re working on “shake”, “roll over”, and “BELLY!!!!”, which will clearly get her far in life. She’s learned how to climb the three stairs from the backyard into the house, but her attempts at jumping on furniture has repeatedly failed. She’s got the height in her jump, but she hadn’t quite figured out how to propel herself forward. In other words, she’s like a damn pogo stick. But a cute little furry one that wears sweaters, because the central air makes her shake.

She has a rough life.

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