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Now, neither one of us really have a lot of emotional support from the people raised us, so sometimes it makes it a little hard to get super excited about the actual wedding day and knowing those people likely won’t be there. Right now, I’m avoiding all of that mental hurricane of that crap by thinking about all the planning and all that good stuff. And that always makes me think of other peoples weddings and all that good stuff.

I’ve been to very, very few weddings actually. I was a candle lighter in my uncle’s wedding (October 10, 1992 – I remember this because it was also the first time I saw Michael Jordan in an exhibition game in Kansas City), went to my high school band teacher’s wedding, my cousin’s backyard wedding where I wore cargo shorts, three friend weddings (one as a guest, one as a dress-wearing bridesmaid, and one as a pants-wearing bridesmaid) and a co-worker’s wedding. What is that – seven weddings? And I have four more scheduled to go to the rest of this year, but I’m excited about those.

My favorite thing ever are these guides that tell you what you need to do by what particular date. They’re totally aimed for girls, because they say things like 545 days before the wedding, ” Make sure he proposes!” And ladies, if you’re f’ing planning your wedding in that much detail BEFORE someone proposes to you, you need to stop that. Find another hobby. Collect coins or rabbits feet or something.

My other favorite thing is when sites tell you what to register for or the best places to register. My brother’s ex-girlfriend (and thank Jesus that she is an ex) got married several years ago and she and her husband registered for things like goldfish and condoms. (TRUE STORY. I went to Wal-Mart and printed out the registry for myself, because I didn’t believe it either!) They clearly did not read I want to register for stuff like our own butler and some neighbor kid to mow our lawn every week and a charlotte limo rental or unlimited airfare to anywhere we want to go. Or maybe I’d go more practical like new flatware, a new set of knives, some more pictures frames, some matouk linen sheets, memory foam pillows, and maybe a shoe tree.

Truth be told, I feel horrible making a list and expecting people to buy from it. It makes me feel guilty!


  1. Not rabbit’s feeeeeeeeeeet! *sob*

    I realize for many Walmart is a perfectly reasonable shopping establishment, but there’s something about registering a Walmart that takes the shine off the nuptial apple.

    I think once you’re a full-on adult, you have all the bloody toasters and wine glasses and slow cookers you could ever need. And nowadays, most people our age don’t throw dinner parties for 12 that require fine china and silver, so that’s kind of moot, too.

    Register for the airfare. Everyone can pitch in. I’m sending the butter.

  2. K

    My friends Jon and Patrick registered for different pieces of their honeymoon. You could contribute to their airfare, their riding an elephant, etc. It was kind of awesome. Then they took photos of them doing it and send them. Just an idea.

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