we need a bigger piggy bank

We’ve been using a really old juice jar at home as a piggy bank. I snatched it up from my grandparents’ basement when they were moving a few years ago. I normally can’t stand that whole antique-y crap, but for whatever reason, I just really wanted to bring this gigantic jar home and use it for something. It’s been a catch-all for random change and the occasional bill we feel like throwing in it. It covered all of our gambling expenses in Vegas and then some, so I’d say we put that to good use.

To assist in our efforts to save money for about a billion things, we’ve been doing our fair share of coupon searching and deal finding without going to extremes like the crazy boxes on those TLC shows. I do not need 8081 toothbrushes or 1298 boxes of Fiber One cereal. We have nowhere to put it and I couldn’t even keep my folders straight in school, let alone to sort through each Sunday’s coupons to see how I can buy a week’s worth of groceries and somehow manage to get $3 billion back.

Enter Coupon Shack, which happens to be one of my many favorite find-me-a-coupon-for-everything-on-my-grocery-list sites. There are a hundred sites out there just like it, I know, but this is the one we’ve been using as of late (until our printer ran out of ink!) and it’s helped us out with things that have already been on our grocery list. We don’t get sucked into buying fish sticks just so we can save $4 for a 30 pound bag of them.

We’re slowly morphing into eating little to no processed foods anyway and there aren’t ever any coupons for fresh fruits or fresh veggies, but hey – we’ll take them where we can get them!

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  1. I’d say The General has been a great influence on you. Don’t you feel so much better for eating food that doesn’t have unpronounceable ingredients??? Way to go, dude!!! I even drink natural soda, when I actually drink soda (which is only with my whipped cream vodka. Ok, it’s processed, but seriously, I have two small kids. A girl has to have her vices!!!)

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