wedding planning has begun or began or beginned. whatever.

Between now and the end of the year, we have four weddings to attend. I’d normally roll my eyes at such, but since we’ll be in attending the nuptials of eight incredibly wonderful people, I’m more than okay with it. Two summer weddings and two winter weddings will give me the opportunity to practice sweating in fancy clothes and tying ties, only one of which I really need help mastering.

After a brief moment of sadness yesterday when I started thinking about family members that have hI gT yet to even so much as acknowledge our engagement or our upcoming wedding, I realized that we both are so very blessed in the department of friends and extended family. That helped me kick away the blues I was having and get more excited about this bitchin’ party we’re planning where we’re also gettin’ hitched.

Hey, HOLY SHIT. Why didn’t anyone tell me there was so much involved in planning a wedding? Last weekend, after the fiance and I replaced our brakes (BY OURSELVES DON’T FORGET!), I think we found the perfect location that has everything we want… except free food and drink, complimentary limo service for all the guests, and a moat. We can’t have it all, I guess.

We have a caterer picked out that we’d like to use, as well as a photographer. The Kid and I have already worked on designing our own sneakers. So, yeah. It’s in motion and I’m way excited!

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