i can’t quit you, soda (or pop or coke or whatever you call it)

Pretty sure I’ve posted something like this at least every few months, because it’s a damn ongoing battle for me. But damn if I can’t say no to the beckon of the Coke/Pepsi (because it has both) machine in the next room over. I’ve steered away from Mountain Dew, which I’m proud of, and now just drain the Pepsi. Mainly to make my dad proud, of course.

I keep reading these articles online about natural stimulants and pure green coffee extract and green tea and all this other jazz, and I’m absolutely up for trying it, because I know this much sugar in gullet is not good for my body and this much caffeine is not good for my head. I just need something like when smokers use nicotine gum or the patch to give me a little taste, but get me away from filling landfills with my aluminum cans.

We keep trying this all natural thing at home and we’re doing fairly well. We avoid high fructose corn syrup in everything. You know there’s HFCS in your bread, right? And I totally know it’s in soda, which is another part of my problem. We don’t buy meat at home unless we’re firing up the grill or camping. I bought pancake mix this past weekend, but only because I had no idea how to make breakfast for the five kids milling about our house without a little manufactured assistance. According to the five year old, I was doing everything just perfectly, thank you very much.

It’s about time for a grocery trip in our house, so I’m hoping we can stick to this natural, less fakey stuff again.

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  1. What I found worked for me is to start by switching to natural cola. Like Hansen’s. They have regular Hansen’s cola and it’s pretty good. If you drink diet or can handle diet, their sugar-free (sweetened with Splenda, not that ass-tasting Stevia) cola is what helped me get off the Diet Coke. You won’t find the sugar-free ones at Whole Foods, but if you have a Trader Joe’s, they have the full line (root beer, ginger ale, tangerine-lime… lots of good flavors that don’t taste “natural”). You can also get them at the regular grocery stores more now.

    Once I got onto those, then I started getting sparkling water and adding that MiO water enhancer. They have a ton of flavors and if you add it to sparkling water, it’s a lot like soda. The tangerine-orange one is so much like Fanta, I can’t tell the difference. I might like it better, even. Their blueberry lemonade is pretty good, as is their “green energy” one (can’t recall the name) — it kinda tastes like Mountain Dew humped Sweet Tarts.


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