not quite a thelma and louise type road trip, but maybe close

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My ladyfriend fiance and I have been talking extensively about where our next vacation should be and we're really hoping to make it somewhere we've both never been before. It shouldn't be that hard. We're not that well travelled. Sigh. We're both big fans of roadtrips and most of our ideas involve visiting multiple states from the comfort of our very own sportswagon. (Tip: Roadtrip-a-Matic is way awesome and you can plan trips pretty much anywhere.)

I dig the east coast and so we've looked at New Jersey or Boston, both places I've been, love, and know people that I would love to visit again from there. But we're also thinking Philly, after good friends of ours just visited there, or New York City, and spending some quality time feeling all Sex and the City like (never seen it, so I can't go into much more detail than that) for a few days.

Looking into some different pa-roadtrips has also been somewhat exciting. I've never flown somewhere, rented a car, and just had my way around a city. I'm usually a slave to the public transit system, which I've always enjoyed, but who doesn't feel like a little adventure in some state/large city they've never visited?

There's a super nerdy little PA 101 trip that includes all the historical things that I love about the area and it's broken down into what you can actually visit each day. Totally something my little family would enjoy!

I think our plan should be to fly into some city, rent the most ridiculous car even possibly known to man (similar to the mini van we all rented in Vegas), and do some explorin'. Especially now that I have a valid driver's license again.

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