the best now 15 year old in the world

Fifteen years ago today, my Ladyfriendfiance had given birth to a fat little baby that would grow up 15 years later into this guy:

Just over four years ago, I met him for the first time and we were instant buds. Now, he’s Not My Kid and I’m Not His Mom. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

We started his birthday celebration this morning so he could open up a new silver paisley tie and wear it to school today. Being 15 requires much more class than 14 apparently does, because he was originally going to wear a suit. We brought it back down to business casual as opposed to business formal for a regular old Thursday in the 9th grade.

The rest of his family birthday celebration will happen on Saturday where he gets to pick where we go eat and get the rest of his birthday gifts.

Happy Birthday, buddy. You’re my most favorite ever.


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