we’re a shake away from a new puppy

A couple of weeks ago, we decided we were ready to add another pet to our family and over the past two weeks, we’ve narrowed it down to two puppies: Dora and Lola.

We saw Dora first on Petfinder. (Here’s the link; don’t try and adopt her or else!) We actually saw her brother, Desi, first and fell in love with his adorable bat ears. My Ladyfriendfiance and I went to the adoption event that had Dora, Desi and all of their siblings and went crazy about the whole litter. But little Dora was the one that we couldn’t stop thinking about. She and her siblings were known as “Reese’s Pieces”, because their mom, Reese, was thrown out on the side of the road by her own shortly before she was due to give birth. (Way to go, responsible pet owners!!!!)

Dora’s part something and another part something. AND ALL ADORABLE. They think maybe some Brussels Griffon and some chihuahua and who knows what else. The dad is a mystery dog. You can see from her picture that she’s stinkin’ adorable.

We visited her again at her foster home. She’s the smallest of her little, but that didn’t stop her from anything. She would jump over all of her little runty-looking siblings to get our attention. And at one point, jumped right in my hand. She’s feisty and sweet all at once, which is exactly what we want. Every time I would put her down, she would fight her way over to get picked up again. And I couldn’t stop picking her up.  There’s another couple/family interested in her, so before a final determination can be made, we have to have one final interview and I’m seriously dying to find out when that might be, but I don’t want to seem like a crazy ass and make the rescue think I’m psycho for emailing every day to find out about it. Waiting is not my strength. At all.

If I didn’t know better, I’d think Lola was a scam set into place by Pet Project Rescue to get a chihuahua in my grubby little hands. She’s a 12 week old Chi that was surrendered by her owner, along with her brother, because their mom wasn’t vaccinated and contracted parvo which she passed along to Lola and her brother, Poncho. Their mom and another sibling died, put they made it through and are now just fine. Parvo is NASTY, so for a little bitty peanut of a dog to beat it, she’s a fighter.

On a whim, we setup a time to meet with Lola on Sunday when we got back from camping. You know, just to see if we liked her, because we probably wouldn’t at all. YEAH RIGHT. She was hilarious. She would boss her little brother around. Give us some love. Try to wrestle with our hands. She carried my keys across the yard and when I took those away, she went after my sunglasses. Her foster mom brought out a bag of treats and Lola wasn’t interested in the single ones we were doling out; she’d much rather grab the bag that was bigger than her and run. Obviously, we were sold. Our application was approved for Lola and we’ve had more house visits than I can count on my fingers and toes since we’ve been fostering for PPR for years. (Because c’mon, we sort of have the perfect situation to adopt a dog of any kind, you know??)

The Decision
And now we wait. I don’t know which one we’d go with if we get approved for Dora. There are pros and cons to each. They’re both so, so cute I can’t stand it. They’re both exactly what we’re looking for. We’re seriously hoping to get it all settled soon, because I really want to bring a puppy home this weekend!! (Actually, if it’s Dora we go with, we’d have to wait until next weekend, because she’s having her spay done next week.)

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