memorial day camping 2012 (or: cage fighting raccoons)

(This was the must undocumented camping trip of all time. I forgot my camera! This also turned into the longest post ever with no real point. You’re welcome.)

We had a hot date with Jenni and Matt this weekend for camping at William O’Brien State Park (highly recommended! A++++++ would do business with again!), which ended up only being an hour from our house in holiday weekend traffic. We still rented a campervan for nostalgia’s sake (we used this company for our camper rental if you need one), we got a new tent (this not so little guy, which was on sale and TOTALLY worth it’s weight in gold) and got it setup and a fire started. Suck it, forecast of rain and thunderstorms. We were camping anyway.

We got settled in. Chairs around the fire. Discovered the bathroom complete with showers and flushable a one-piece toilet units. Realized camping in the normal people area, as opposed to the giant group site was definitely a different experience. Throw some things in the fire that we would later eat. And talk. Suzi came by because she was camping in the same park and hung out for awhile and we talked some more. I don’t even know about what, but we talked for a long damn time. I can’t even tell you about what, but it was long overdue and way awesome.

I slept 12 hours. I’m blaming that on a muscle relaxer I took so my back would completely hate me for sleeping on an air mattress. I woke up and we went into Stillwater, because it had apparently been pouring down rain for the past few hours. We went to Smalley’s Caribbean Barbecue and I want to go back all the time. Mainly for the mac and cheese, but there wasn’t anything I didn’t love.

Ran to Target to get more dog food, as the bag we’d brought had mysteriously disappeared, and a pillow for Riley to sleep on so he wouldn’t hog the whole air mattress. Drove through the campgrounds and managed to watch Jenni and Matt sail off on their maiden voyage with their new kayaks. We now have major kayak envy. We went back to camp, kept the fire going, and read for awhile. It was exactly what I needed.

After Jenni and Matt got back from riding the rapids with Aziz Ansari, they joined us around the fire for more reading? I don’t even know what we did. We made plans to take awkward pictures of all of us posing in Suzi’s campsite since she’d retreated back to civilization for the day ride out the rain. Jenni and Matt had met friends on their kayaking adventure: Snappy (a snapping turtle) and Honky (a goose). We made fun of the gander of prepubescent kids that kept running/biking/screaming past our campsite. Their names were Brian, Sissy, and a whole bunch of other ones. I patched up a little kid that wrecked his bike next to our tent. (His bike came from a store that his mom works at and that store is called Wal-Mart, according to him.) We had more grilled foods. We had more great ideas. And then it got thundery and rainy, so I took Riley to bed to hide from the rain and ended up falling asleep. LEW-SER.


We woke up in the morning and Jenni and Matt recounted the danger from the middle of the night. SEE ABOVE PICTURE. (I have a history with raccoons. I might save that for my non-existent novel.) I’m pretty sure this guy was the ring leader, I almost called the raccoon removal Mississauga services. He brought in his posse of his friends and they tore our campsite apart! They climbed into coolers, underneath plastic covering our table,  peeled some bananas, carried things off into the woods, cracked a Pringles can over their little raccoon knee.  Now you get where the raccoon cage fighting reference comes from. Bunch of a-holes.

We didn’t go hiking, which is usually something we try to do every time we’re out and about. But I’m just glad I didn’t have pull out all the knowledge I have when it comes to spraining your ankle in the middle of hiking, you know?


  1. oh god, i’m dying again. also, honky was a swan. i think he was like 10′ long. at any rate, he was gigantic.

    i’m great with nature.

  2. mac

    remember when the raccoon reached into the window at jean and don’s? You told Jean a black hand come in and felt around until it found the cookies on the table.

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