follow up: comcast is still the worst company i give money to every month

Last week, I wrote about a ridiculously assuming conversation I had with a customer service rep at Comcast. It was meant as nothing more than just the typical: “Hey, Comcast, your customer service reps have crappy scripts” and/or “Please get with the times when training your CSRs” and it turned into much more than that.

I got linked on The Consumerist, which is published by Consumer Reports and has a tagline of “Shoppers bite back”. There are 105 comments on that post, a few of which I’d like to clear up:

  • I do not have a mustache.
  • I am not a bitch.
  • I do have better things to do.
  • I don’t shove my lifestyle in the faces of others.
  • This is my blog. You don’t have to read it.

Seriously. Some of those people are hardcore to the point where I feel quite sorry for them. I’d never been bashed on the internet before in such awesome proportions. It was really kind of awesome. (And not at all humbling if it was supposed to be, crazy commenting people.)

So, since it was linked to The Consumerist, Comcast got involved. I got an email right away from Mark in theirĀ National Customer Operations department who wanted my contact information. I gave it to him and someone named John called to talked to me about my experience with the customer service rep. The conversation went something like this:

John: We’ve figured out who it was that you talked to and her supervisor will be talking to her about it.

Me: What? Seriously?

John: Yeah, so we’re taking care of the issue.

Me: Is that it?

John: Yeah, sorry it happened.

And that was seriously it. Sorry what happened, John? Because that was a super weak attempt at making me feel like 1) you actually care, 2) you even know what was going and 3) it’s not going to happen to the very next person that calls in.

I emailed Mark to express my disappointment and he never responded. So, I emailed him again and still haven’t heard anything from him. And I guess that’s par for the course for Comcast.

Anti-climactic ending if I’ve ever heard one, right?


  1. I think this is so cool. I would loved to have seen all the traffic off that. :) Yay for negative comments, people are so dumb.

  2. Dude. I do think that the original comment was unwarranted, but likely, she was reading from a script that Comcast forced her to read from or else she get in trouble. They listen to the calls, so if you don’t say EXACTLY what they tell you to say, you’re penalized in some capacity. At least, if it’s anything like working for that other big cable company that starts with C. So I kind of feel bad if that woman gets fired over it.

    THAT said, Comcast IS terrible. I had them in Texas and hated their customer service and their ACTUAL service, which only worked when the moon aligned and the sea ran red and Pegasus cavorted in the sky.

    As I like to say, FTD.

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