in case i ever run for office

While I do have some interest in running for office, I’d need to find someone to do all the hard work for me, since working 60 hours a week at my current job doesn’t lend much time to doing anything other than crashing on the couch when I get home at night to watch whatever’s on TV and I better hope the remote is in reaching distance, because otherwise, I’m not going to change the channel.

Anyway. Running for office. That’s where I was. The reputationdefender. So dang HILARIOUS. I feel pretty good that I have never said anything on the internet, specifically this site right here, that I think might cause my reputation, as stellar as it is, to go down the drain, but if I did, it’s nice to know that something is in place to dig me out from a big ol’ giant pile of… well, you know.

I guess there was that one time I made fun of a former co-worker’s plastic surgery and she ended up seeing it, but C’MON, IT’S NOT LIKE IT WASN’T TRUE. I felt bad about that for maybe 10 seconds and then I thought it was hilarious because she was so mad about it. Hey, don’t get those things augmented if you don’t want the whole world to notice it, you know? You can’t go in for a nose job and come out with enlarged parts of your body and not think people aren’t going to talk behind your back, you silly woman.

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