i’m officially boycotting barnes and noble forever

I’m officially boycotting Barnes & Noble and will never step foot in one again. And, yes, here’s why.

Friday night, my fiancé and I went to the Mall of America and stopped inside that Barnes & Noble to look for a book that she and I both wanted to read. We discussed buying it online, but then decided we needed it even quicker than her Amazon Prime shipping would get it to us, so we went out on a hunt. They didn’t have the book there, no big deal. We browsed around for a bit and let The Boy do his rifling through the Manga section. Did you know the Mall of American’s GLBT section is approximately two shelves? They have it sandwiched right between the True Crime and New History sections, underneath a bunch of copies of Barack Obama’s book about his dad.

Saturday afternoon, the three of us were out running typical weekend shopping errands and decided since we were in the vicinity of another Barnes & Noble, this time in Maple Grove, we’d stop in. We actually checked online before coming in to the store and the book we were looking for was in stock according to the website. We headed over the section where we thought the book would be and it wasn’t there. Because we really wanted the book, my fiancé (who normally doesn’t go out of her way to ask for anything in a store like this) walked up to the customer service desk where there were six people standing around doing nothing and asked if they had it. The person that helped her verified that they did have one in stock and came over to look in the shelves we were just looking in. It wasn’t there.

She went back to the desk, looked something up and headed back over. Only this time, another employee was following her a few feet behind her. She came over, looked on the shelf again, while her co-worker creeped on the other side of the shelf we were looking at trying to catch a peak at us, clearly amused by the book that we were requesting. The book hadn’t magically appeared, so she said someone had picked up and laid it somewhere else and they had no way to find it. Then as they reconvened with their other retail corporate drones, they whispered and all got a good chuckle on our behalf.

Roughly 20 minutes later, we were standing probably 50 feet from the customer service desk where the snooty lady that had helped us before and two other people were gathered around an iPad or a Nook or something along those lines where they were watching the Honey Badger video. How do I know it was the Honey Badger video? Because the volume was loud enough for me to hear, “Honey Badger don’t give a shit” while standing next to the children’s section. And they kept watching it like there was nothing wrong with that.

I’ll eventually put together a strongly worded email and send it off to them, but for now, all I have is this strongly worded blog post and the fury of a thousand suns to go on.

TL;DL: Suck it, Barnes & Noble. The only time I’ll stop in your stores again is I have to go to the bathroom. And then I might not flush.


  1. Julie

    Will you at least tell us the title of the book so we can have a good chuckle on your behalf. ;-) lol Just kidding. That was lame of them….and I am glad you wrote a letter.

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