meat me for dinner and a magic meatball mountain ski jump

My ladyfriend and I like to frequent the thrift stores on the weekends. It’s rare that we’re actually looking for something in particular, but we’ve scored some pretty awesome finds like camping dishes, tennis rackets, various pieces of art… you know what I’m talking about. All things we can’t possibly live without.

And this past Sunday, we found something so impressive we couldn’t stop staring at it: Meat me for Dinner. I was convinced this had to be some ridiculous and inappropriate game from the 70s where they sold it with actual meat in the box and didn’t warn anyone of the bonus E. Coli pack!

Tuns out that’s not the case at all. You can buy this game RIGHT NOW from your favorite retailers like Amazon, which qualifies for free Super Shipping!, or your not-so-favorite retailers, like Wal-Mart. And SEARS, so you know it’s quality.

Here’s my biggest concern about this game/toy/however it’s classified: Magic Meatball Mountain Ski Jump. How does this even work? Is it magical? Can I put other food in the Magic Meatball Mountain Ski Jump? Why can’t I find anything out about it when I Google it? (The Google results are WAY awesome, but not applicable to what I’m looking for… right now.)

My second concern: no product reviews anywhere. Does that mean nobody anywhere is using it? Or does it mean that people are using it AND THEN DYING?

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