i don’t even know where i’ve been, but i can tell you i’m a year older

Seriously, guys. It was like I was on this ultimate cathartic blogging tear for two whole days straight and then I fell of the edge of this cruel flat world we live in. Here. I give you a list of things that have happened since the last time I posted:

  • I taught myself three chords on a guitar that’s slightly too big for me.
  • I turned 34.
  • I had a ridiculous all I could eat brunch at Famous Dave’s and would do that every single Sunday if it didn’t mean that I’d gain the weight of a small child every time I did it.
  • We had a fantastic Housewarming/Engagement/Birthday party at our house that started at 2pm and ended ’round about the time everyone sobered up enough to drive home.
  • We saw Hunger Games.
  • I developed a violent fever that woke me up in the middle of the night shaking with chills that caused me to take my first sick day in three years.
  • And today, I worked 11 hours straight and feel like I could have worked about 20 more thanks to the wonder of Gatorade and DayQuil.

This whole flu thing has me off caffeine again, which was nice. When you can combine the headache I usually get after the first 24 hours of not having caffeine with being completely sick to my stomach and sleeping when I’m not in the bathroom (What? TMI? Oops. My bad.), I’m taking that as a sign no caffeine is the way to go.

I signed up for #30daysofbiking and wanted to get The Kid to sign up with me, too, but then realized we’d be battling over the same free bike I got last summer. Maybe I’ll bike for 30 days and have him chase me?

What's up?