amazon’s ideas are way awesome sometimes

I was in prime I NEED TO BUY RIDICULOUS THINGS mode today. My therapist calls that mania. Luckily, I recognize it and don’t buy all the things I think I should when that happens. Today, I needed things like a longboard and/or guitar picks. I compromised and bought a new University of Minnesota t-shirt. It says “Athletic Department, established in 1851”. It works nice, since now I can say I’m wearing it for the UofM women’s hockey team and men’s wrestling team, since the men’s hockey team and the men’s basketball team are on my List of Unawesome right now.

In the meantime, Amazon isn’t doing a very good job of discouraging my online window shopping when it suggest things like this:

I’m slightly lactose intolerant, so they may seriously be onto something here…

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